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Season One Preview

Listen to highlights of Race/Remix conversations between scholars, writers, visual and performing artists at the intersection of racial justice and the arts. Launching in December 2023, Season 1 captures the stories and provocations of innovators building new knowledge and critical spaces, shifting the status quo one conversation at a time.


Amelia (Amy) Kraehe Race/Remix

Chelsea Farrar The University of Arizona brings art and music fans a long-awaited podcast about racial justice in the arts called Race/Remix.

Aaron Coleman When you’re talking about social, political issues, or identity politics, race. It’s an easy move to grab a headline and throw it on a canvas. Or make a sculpture and talk about the trauma. But there’s all these other emotions embedded in that. There’s a lot of joy and pride. And that’s what makes the black or brown or indigenous experience so rich.

Chelsea Farrar Join us as we navigate topics about cultural identities, industries, media, healthcare, justice systems, immigration and an anti-racism approach to education in the arts.

Anike Tourse So, when you watch a movie, you’re just relating to the story. If it’s being done correctly. You’re having an emotional experience, and you’re relating to the characters. And you’re not really thinking about where they’re from. You’re just thinking about, wow, this is a family that’s really going through it. And I have a family that’s really gone through it. And people just identify in that way. And then that allows information to come in and to learn things.

Chelsea Farrar Join us for the conversation and find out what equity in the arts looks like now.

Reid Gomez So Navlish is the codification of how Navajos deal with language. And just the same way that Black English is that kind of thing or African-American vernacular English. And so trans-language for me, really reflects that there are no boundaries between languages. And speakers like me that are multilingual, are using all of the structures and all of the vocabularies at one time.

Chelsea Farrar Race/Remix gives a platform to share what we know and what we have learned about abolition and the arts.

Monica Ellis We should have access to music. However, you can’t just come in and rape and pillage this music either, you know. You need to know the history behind it. You need to know the culture, the context, and the people that have made it important. And does that mean you have to write a dissertation about it? No. But there does have to be some sincerity and a distinct desire to learn and contribute to it for the greater good.

Chelsea Farrar We strive to provide transformative space for learning opportunities.

Lizz Denneau Growing up, I did not have a Black community. You know, I was raised by white Irish immigrants. And so, as an adult, my practice really revolved around trying to connect with that ancestry and that history.

Chelsea Farrar In these conversations, we aim to build connections with compassion and co-conspiratorship.

Toyin Spellman-Diaz That’s part of the beauty of chamber music, is this collaborative moment. You come together, you look at each other, you communicate across the stands to each other and say, “I got you, man, I got you.”

Chelsea Farrar We are so excited to share their stories and experiences of racial justice in the arts.

Silas Munro When you design a typeface or you choose a typeface, you can add that extra edge to it. Like you can tell a story through the form. And that just fascinates me. That endless, sort of, search to find the right voice for a particular text. It’s like the graphic designer’s role becomes interpretive in that way.

Chelsea Farrar We are excited to invite you to the conversation, hear what you think and connect with you as a listener.

Ruha Benjamin Once we start to reckon with the fact that equity, justice — this is not charity work. This is not work that some groups are doing on behalf of others. I’m inviting you to this work to act selfishly for your own humanity, for your own wellbeing. To understand that you are connected to every other living thing on this planet.

Chelsea Farrar Listen to our first podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and most podcast platforms worldwide.

Amelia (Amy) Kraehe Race/Remix



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